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Mrs Count
I need you & miss you. I scratched the heck out of the car even though you told me not to use the brush. I cant rub it out.
Mrs Count
Happy Birthday..You'd be 68 but always a kid a heart. The kindest and most loving that ever came into my life and I miss you!
Mrs Count
Happy Easter Honey. Love you and Miss you and always will.
Mrs Count
Happy Anniversary Hon, I still miss you more than ever. You are always on my mind and in my heart. I just wish you were here!!!
Mrs Count
Still miss you lots. I put up a christmas tree this year, I thought about you. I think Winky sees you so I know your here. Love
Mrs Count
Happy Fathers Day Honey. You were the best dad that ever walked this earth. I will always have a part of you through Brandy. Love
Mrs Count
Happy Birthday Sweetheart. I miss you everyday. Happy Easter tomorrow. Hugs and Kisses forever in my heart!!!
Mrs Count
Hone, tomorrow is our anniversary, 29 years, and it seems like just yesterday we were starting our life together. I miss you!!!
Mrs Count
Hon, We are going to look at lights tonight. Tomorrow is the 3rd Christmas without you. I miss you more and more. I love u forever
barbara gronas
I miss you more and more. It doesnt get any easier as time goes on. Help me hon!!! I love you with all my heart and soul.
mrs count
I am all settled in here.So lonely without you. I wish you were here to enjoy the view. Always stay with me, my heart is with you
mrs count
I sold our home hon, it was just a house with memories without you. So I am taking my memories with me so please follow me there!
Mrs. Count
Hoppy Easter Honey. I miss you and need you so much. Please help guide me now more than ever. All my love always and forever.XO
Mrs Cpint
I loved you then, love you now, and always will. Happy Birthday with all my heart and soul, I miss you and want you here with me
Happy Anniversary Honey. I need your help and guidance. Whisper in my ear that everythings going to be allright. XOXOXOXOXO
Mrs Count
Happy Valentine's Day Honey. I will love you always and forever . Hugs and Kisses
Mrs Count
Happy New Year Honey. Kiss me at midnight. I love you forever and always.
Mrs Count
Merry Christmas hon. I miss you and wish I could just give you a kiss and hold you. I know you are here with your arms around me
Mrs Count
Happy Thanksgiving hon, miss you and love you more each day. Remember Boston Market that one thanksgiving day when I couldnt cook
Mrs Count
Honey, today is one year and I still wait for you to come thru the door. Thanks for being here with me, I know its you blessing me
Mrs. Count
In a few days it will be one years since I held you close and let go and you went to heaven with God. Keep guiding me hon!
mrs count
Hon, just wanted to tell you that I love and miss you more each day and thank you for helping me and guiding me and being here!!!
Hon, I miss you more than you know. I need you so much and its so hard without. I really dont know how much more I can take. Luv
Mrs. Count
Happy BIrthday Honey, wish you were here to hold and hug and kiss. God knows how much I miss you . Keep watching over me my love.
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