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Life story
April 7, 1945
Born on April 7, 1945.
October 22, 2009
Steve was last known to be living in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. He was a very honest and humble man who loved his God, his family, his friends. He fought cancer many times, always winning until this time. His doctor was suppose to be good but no one is good, they only care about the money and not the patients.  Dr. Jeffrey Margolis at Botsford Hospital told me that Steve was his buddy but yet he didnt have the time to come and see him in the hospital for three weeks of his stay.  He quit treating him with chemo for no reason and on October 8, 2009, he told us he could save him.  He died two weeks later with no explanation.  Money hungry, the hospital and doctors ran test after test and found nothing but yet he died. Steve did not want hospice, yet the doctor called hospice without me knowing and without telling Steve.  Everyday his medical records show good spirits, no pain and patient does not want hospice.  Why did they call and why did they lie to me.
Steve married his wife in Las Vegas on March 26, 1983.  They lived in Anaheim for nearly a year and then moved to Las Vegas where he owned his own very successful auto body shop until stricken with cancer from agent orange exposure.  His doctor, Dr. Peter Graze concocted his own formula for treatment and even though they didnt give him long to live, his daughters birth pulled him through.  His daughter was his greatest inspiration and the love of his life.
In November of 1989, the family moved back to Michigan.  They thanked God for his recovery and prayed the cancer would not come back.  But in December 2005 he was diagnosed with Head and Neck Cancer.  40 treatments of radiation burned out his saliva glands and taste buds.  The chemo caused him to lose his hair and almost the will to live but he made it.  Then he again got cancer in the beginning of 2009.  I thought they said they were going for the cure back in 2005 and thats why the chemo and radiation was so bad.  I think this time they misdiagnosed him.  Why did the doctor suddenly stop chemo and no visits to the hospital.   He blew up like a balloon, just like with non hodgkins lymphoma but yet Dr Margolis said it wasnt lymphoma. He died after hospice came in.  He wanted to come home, thats all he wanted!!!  The death certificate says lymphoma...who screwed up.  What went wrong. I hate myself every day for this.  I really thought he would get better and come home.  I was told hospice would bring him home and take care of him but then they said they werent going to feed him anymore and he looked at me and said "You're going to starve me to death".  It killed me.  I just want him back.  His last words he ever spoke again to me were "Something is not right, I cant breath, my side hurts".  All I could say was I know.  I didnt know.  I should have told him more that I l loved him.  I should have called an ambulance and just brought him home.  I cant feel him with me anymore. I asked him not to haunt me and I think he thought I didnt want him here with me.  He was wrong.  I want him, need him and love him.  He used to tell me all the time he wanted me, he loved me and he needed me.  I wanted and needed him more.  No love on earth could be as strong as the love he had for me and our daughter.
These are just my thoughts.  He liked coke a cola, but root beer was his favorite.  He liked michalob light beer, solona, chicken paprikas, mushrooms, stuffed cabbage.  He liked vegetables and maybe I should have made them more often and he might not have gotton cancer again.  Maybe I should have cooked more healthy foods. Right now I cant think so if you want to add a story, please do.  In honor of his memory, light a candle.
October 22, 2009
Passed away on October 22, 2009.
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