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Bert Creed
I was just thinking of ya Steve. Missing the old days. When we had fun at DST!!
mrs count
Happy Father's Day!!! I love you.
Mrs Count
Happy Father's Day. Winky loves watching the birds & chirping back at them. You would get a kick out of it. I love you!!!
Mrs Count
Happy Father's Day! Winky loves looking at the birds and chirping back at them. You would get a kick out of it. I love you
Mrs Count
Happy Birthday. If you were still here on earth you would be 70. But in heaven you are whatever age you want to be. I love you!
Mrs Count
Easter was yesterday and tomorrow is your birthday. You would be 70 and young at heart. So much I should have said. I love you!
Mrs Count
Happy Anniversary. It would have been 32 years today. I miss you but I know you are here by my side. I love you! Forever!!!
Mrs Count
Happy Valentine's Day Honey. You will always be my one and only true love forever and always. Your "Elvira", Love U
Mrs count
Happy New Year Hon! Fell asleep before midnight as usual without you here. I still miss you and love you with all my heart.
Mrs Count
Thanksgiving was good. I found vhs tapes of you and watched them. It was like you were here. Miss & Love You Always. Hugs!!
The ther Half
Well, its been 5 years now and seems like it was just yesterday but seems like a million years since I felt your kiss on my lips.
Just missing you today as usual. I cant believe its going to be 5 years soon. Seems like just yesterday we met and fell in love!
Mrs Count
Happy Fathers Day Honey. I wish you were here to do shootne solona. I havent had any since before you went to heaven. I love u
Happy Birthday honey. You would have been 69 today. I still miss you and remember your last birthday we had together. Love You!
Hey Hon, Happy Anniversary. It would be 31 years today and the memory of that day is still so vivid. Best day of my life. Love U
The Other Half
Happy New Year Hon. As usual I couldnt stay awake but I know you kissed me at midnight. I love you always and forever!!!
The Other Half
Merry Christmas Hon. Wish you were here with me even though you are in my heart always. I love you forever. Kisses and Hugs!!
Happy Thanksgiving Hon. Going to Brandy and Paul's for dinner. She is doing all the cooking from scratch. You would love it!
Well Sleezeball, Today is 4 years since you went to heaven and I still miss you as much as the first day. Love u with all my heart
Mrs Count
Hi Hon, Used my teeth as pliers and it just cost me $3000 to replace the front teeth. I should remember things you told me. Love U
Mrs Count
I need you & miss you. I scratched the heck out of the car even though you told me not to use the brush. I cant rub it out.
Mrs Count
Happy Birthday..You'd be 68 but always a kid a heart. The kindest and most loving that ever came into my life and I miss you!
Mrs Count
Happy Easter Honey. Love you and Miss you and always will.
Mrs Count
Happy Anniversary Hon, I still miss you more than ever. You are always on my mind and in my heart. I just wish you were here!!!
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